Seismic poststack multi-vintage 2D and 3D data matching, scaling and merging is our business together with geoscience consultancy services like geophysical interpretation. The seismic surveys will be regridded, matched and processed for consistent statics, phase and amplitude. Processing filters and algorithms can be applied to the data sets at client's request. We can produce any format/revision of segy files as well as Petrel zgy, both 32 and 16 bit.

Seamless seismic cubes are produced from public and/or proprietary seismic surveys provided by our clients.
Our processing center has capacity to handle a high number of input surveys and merge them into one harmonized 3D seismic dataset. There is no practical limit to the size of each survey.

We have invested in high performance processing servers, huge volumes of online disk storage and a fully interactive processing and interpretation software to deliver projects as quickly and efficient as possible with the best quality.

Our goal is to provide customers with a service that exceeds expectations.


Geophysical interpretation

Seismic interpretation with integration of core and log data.

2D to 3D match

For stranded 3D surveys, we use 2D sections for matching to the final in-merge 3D harmonized data-set. 

3D Merge

Huge areas with multi-vintage 3D surveys can be merged together into one harmonized 3D seismic data-set.